Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outlive Your Live Review

We are common folk.

We sit in the bleachers, eat at diners, change diapers, and wear our favorite team's ball cap. Fan's don't wave when we pass. Servants don't scurry when we come home. Chauffer's don't drive our cars; butlers don't open our doors or draw our baths. Doormen don't greet us, and security doesn't protect us. We are regular folk.

And we wonder: Does God use people like us?

He did. God stampeded the first-century society with swaybacks, not thoroughbreds. Before Jesus came along, the disciples were loading trucks, coaching soccer, and selling Slupee drinks at the convenience store.

Their collars were blue, and their hands were calloused, and there is no evidence that Jesus chose them because they were smarter or nicer than the guy next door. The one thing they had going for them was a willingness to take a step when Jesus said, "Follow me."

Are you more dinghy than cruise ship? More stand-in than movie star? More blue jeans than blue blood? Congratulations. God changes the world with folks like you. (Excerpt back cover).

In the book, Out Live Your Life by Max Lucado, he takes each of us through the first couple of chapters in Acts to show us how our lives are very similar to the people in each of the chapters and the differences they made and how we can do the very same things. We simply need one thing. A willingness to do it. That's it. We need more yes's and a lot less no's!

Max in his usual way of writing directly from the heart and as a close, personal friend touches your heart and shows you the different ways we can all begin to take care of people around us. He provides perfect examples of everyday people who made less than $1.25 a day and they too are changing lives. So what's our excuse? Find out by reading Max's latest book!

I received this book, compliments of Thomas Nelson Publishers for my honest review and believe every single person living today should read this book.

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