Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekends...A great way to recharge the batteries!!!

Slowly but surely time is slipping away until we all have to wake up Monday morning and get back to the dull, mundain start of the work week. It has been so great having a weekend off with my wife and kids to help feel refreshed, well, somewhat refreshed anyway. I had a chance to really hang out with my wife most of Saturday while my almost 16 year old daughter had a going away party for the summer.

Before you say anything, I have to comment on what a wonderful daughter she is. She is the type of daughter you dream of having (even though she is only my step-daughter, I feel like she is my own). The party was with approx 8-10 of her good friends and they are all so well mannered. So my wife and I stayed out of their hair and resolved ourselves to retire upstairs into our retreat, that means our bedroom. We just watched T.V. for a while and peeked in from time to time, but everyting went very well.

Today, we went to the movies and watched Night at the Museum II. For the most part it was a pretty enjoyable movie. Kat and I brought our 10 year old daughter with us so I thought it best to see a more family oriented movie. So back on point, I had a pretty good weekend at home with my wife and kids, wish it could have been longer much, much longer. I really need to start checking to see how much vacation time I have so I can plan some small trip together over the summer. Well I am off to spend the last few hours of the weekend with my beautiful wife. Hope to hear from you all on how your weekend was.

Take Care and God Bless,

P.S. Dont' you just wish you could jump into this picture for a week?


Heart2Heart said...

Yes I do wish we could just jump into the pictures. Can we leave the kids with Mimi for the week?

I had an incredible time this weekend, watching what teens do if you leave them all by themselves. They eat pizza, play twister, and finally a round of hide and seek outside and then more food!

So glad we have friends like that for our oldest daughter. Reminds us just how old we really are. Want to play hide and seek outside? You're it!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Prairie Girl said...

Just stopping by to say a quick hello from Kat's blog and to congratulate you on starting a really is quite a lot of fun!

RCUBEs said...

Only for a week? Oh no brother Steve...longer than that...:)

Laurie said...

Yes I do wish I could jump into the picture:( I look forward to more of your posts! I love your wife's blog and think she is a fantastic lady. Congrats on your new blog! I appreciate that you put God and then family first!

Andrea said...

We had a busy weekend, but we were able to spend time with the kids. Now back to the craziness of our week.
YES..I would love to jump into this picture.

christy rose said...

Hope you enjoyed your time with Kat too!
And Yes, the view from that balcony is breathtakingly peaceful.