Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why Is God Ignoring Me? ~ Book Review

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive mail from God? What would it be like to open up your mailbox and just once find a letter with a heavenly postmark? Would it even need a stamp? And what if it contained very loving and personal words from your heavenly Father – the sort of thoughts you would treasure all the days of your life?

Why doesn’t God send us mail? Or at least communicate with us directly?

In all my years of talking to Christians who experience doubts about their faith, this sort of question is the most common. Who can be blamed for wanting to hear from God – especially when we’re hurting? Isn’t it natural to want to hear from someone we love?

In times of trouble and suffering we cry out to God…but sometimes it feels like He doesn’t hear.

When we’re walking through pain, it’s easy to feel alone on the journey. If God truly loves us, then why can’t we sense His presence? Has he abandoned us when we need Him the most? Or it is possible that He’s speaking into our lives in ways we don’t yet understand?

In Why is God Ignoring Me? scholar, author and apologist, Gary Habermas walks you through what the Bible has to say about suffering, explains where we can find God in our own times of suffering and disappointment and shares heartfelt personal insights from others who’ve been where we are.

I received a complimentary copy of Why Is God Ignoring Me? From Tyndale House Publishers for my humble review. I must say I found profound comfort in the stories that Gary shares with the readers of this book that God is not ignoring us. We may simply be looking in all the wrong places for His answers or not listening when He speaks. I would therefore, highly recommend this book to anyone asking themselves this very same question.

For more information on this book and where to purchase this please use the link below.

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