Friday, October 15, 2010

Prayer Request for my Brother Ken

I just wanted to ask you all to pray for my brother Ken and his family who are going through a rough time right now. Ken was admitted via ambulance to the local hospital near us for a severe case on pneumonia. I was at the hospital with his wife and kids who are strong and trying to get through this. His wife Tina was told that if they did not call the hospital last night he would have passed away in the middle of the night last night. Since being admitted he has had good care and his vital signs have improved. However, his right lung is completely full of fluid or is collapsed according to the x-ray they took last night and his kidneys and heart rate was very low.

They have him on a ventilator and are performing a CAT scan to see if they can insert a chest tube into his right lung to inflate it and see if they can drain some of the fluid. They are also going to do a Bronchiotomy, which is inserting a camera down his airway into his lungs to look for damage and to take a biopsy to see if his right lung is beyond repair.

Please pray for my brother that he may get better and that he may give himself to the Lord before anything happens to him. I have also asked my wife Kat over at Heart2Heart.

Kat has much more followers than I do so she has many more contacts and friends who are out there praying for him right now.

Thank you all and may God bless you and keep you!!


RCUBEs said...

I had known this through sister Kat first bro. Steve. Praying with you guys and agreeing with your petitions. The Lord knows all of your brother's needs, his family and between you, two.

May you be strong in the Lord's mighty power! I pray that the chest tube will help drain the fluid. It will also prevent his lungs from collapsing. May the Lord guide the treating physicians and the right therapy be given to your brother...God bless.

Heart2Heart said...


I believe we have a God who hears our prayers and will respond to us believers. We know the plans He has for us, plans to prosper and not harm us. Plans for a future and a hope and I believe that includes making things right with your brother. We will keep on praying through the weekend, never giving up or believing what our God can do.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Keeping your brother Ken in my prayers.

Mari said...

Hey Steve - I'm here from Kat's blog. Praying for Ken and the rest of the family. There is a lot of prayer going on for him!

Denise said...

Please know that I am in much prayer for your dear brother, as well as for you.

Rita said...

Your whole family is in my prayers. We have a mighty God who is able not only to heal your brother, but make all things right. Know we are all praying for your family.

Jane's In The Jungle said...

Praying for your family Steve!

Angela said...

Steve, I just wanted to let you also know that your brother has been added to my Fearless Friday post and many have come to surround your entire family in prayer....Father God, heal Ken and he will be healed, save Ken and he will be saved for You are the One we praise. You are the Great Physician, the Great I Am, the One we turn too..amen amen amen

RCUBEs said...

Don't need to thank me bro. Steve...All our thanks be to the Lord Who sees and knows it all.

Continuing to intercede here and that's what we must do as believers anyway. To always pray for each other. But thanks be to Jesus, we are victorious already because of Him!

God bless you and protect you and your family always. Believing in all the best of His blessings for all of you, especially His physical and spiritual healing for your precious brother.

"His love know no bounds..."

Sue said...

I just came from kat's blog and read of Ken's health problem. Please know I am praying for him and all of you through this.

Carol said...


I am praying for your brother Ken. I read about him on Kat's blog and instantly prayed for him as I did just a moment ago after I read your prayer request.

I'm praying for complete healing, his salvation, and restoration. I think God must be doing an amazing work in Ken's family through this and when he fully comprehends what he and his family are going through or have gone through, how can he not see the hand of God at work?

I will check back to see updates.

In the meantime... blessings, strength, and the Lord's guidance be with you.


Carol@simple_catholic said...

Hi, I've come over from Fearless Friday.

Prayers going up for your brother and for your whole family.

God bless.

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