Saturday, July 11, 2009



Thank you God for creating such a wonderful gift to mankind of which World Countries would fall and we would not survive the day without it.

I am sitting in my chair drinking my first cup of coffee for the day thanking God once more for allowing us to taste such wonderful flavors and smell the tranquil aroma. I know this seems petty, but how many of us drink coffee? I am not talking about that crud in a cup you call Starbucks, but actual coffee! My wife and I every morning faithfully for years have made coffee to start our day. "Some days better than others"

We have tried several brands and flavors, and have come to a few flavors that we love and drink everyday. Folgers Gourmet Chocolate Truffle or Caramel Drizzle believe it or not is our favorite and can be found at Target for only $4.99 a bag. "Can't believe how affordable it is!"

Sounds like a commercial doesn't it? Well I just wanted to share with you our morning ritual of having a great cup of coffee every morning to wake up to. Sometimes, when we actually pre-make the coffee and have the timer setup for the next morning is just wonderful when you wake up to that wonderful smell. You know that it is going to be a better day just for that. So thank you God once more for giving us that one wonderful word.

So whether you like it black, black with two sugars, cream only, or cream and sugar, just enjoy every drop. Take the time to look around and see the morning sunrise, water your garden and just enjoy the day!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and have a great cup of you know what!



Heart2Heart said...

AH what would mornings be like without that?

I love it and it just is as natural to me like a shower in the morning or getting dressed.

It's the way the warm liquid flows down your throat and you just swallow and close your eyes! Hmmmm! Good stuff!

Thanks God for allowing me the ability to smell that wonderful chocolately smell and to taste the goodness that comes from the things you have made.

So I am lifting my mug up to you and toasting you this morning. Cheers!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Andrea said...

The only thing better is:

At my house, my hubby gets up and makes it and brings it to me. I am very spoiled. He is a morning person and I, a late nighter.

Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings, andrea

RCUBEs said...

I don't care if it's sweltering on these hot, summer days, I still gotta' have my cup of joe every morning :) When I got diagnosed with hypertension, did I give it up? Thank God for "DECAF". "Chocolate macadamia nut" is good!
So, I join you in this JAVA post and I say "Amen!". God bless you and your family.

Carol said...

I love me some coffee, too! Yes, that's improper English, but you get the point.

No offense taken on that Starbucks comment. I actually like it in a bag bought at any grocer nowadays, even in England, brewed in my own home. To be fair, Folgers makes excellent coffee and I enjoy that, too. I just love my morning coffee, it starts the day off right.

My hubby brought my coffee to me on Saturday morning which made me smile.

Yolanda said...

Gotta love GOD, have faith and have coffee....yee haw.