Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Next Quilt we finished last Week

Hi everyone out there, here is the next addition to the first quilt we made. The first quilt we made was for the Downy Quilts for Kids Program which came out great! I included the link if you would like to join. Anyway here is a picture of the next quilt we made for our little Nephew Sean. We kind of did last minute so there isn't too much detail. We just knew we had to make it pretty quickly as we were visiting the next day and Little Sean's blanket that he uses was pretty torn up.

I used the remaining material from when we made our daughter Kailee's quilt several years ago. We wanted it it to be very colorful, vibrant and have something that has features that Sean can count when he has it. I sewed around most of the fish so they pop out of the quilt when you look at it. I made a quick yellow border around the outside and then double folded the back over and finished quilting the borders. Here is a picture of the back. You can see the sew pattern around the fish if you look hard enough.

Here is the last picture of the completed front of the quilt. When we gave it to Sean he started yelling bubbles! I guess in his mind he saw bubbles. Well that is it for now. I will post pictures of the last quilt we made last week.

Hope you like the pictures. Let me know what you think!

Keep the Faith,


Just Breathe said...

It is absolutely beautiful!!

Goose Hill Farm said...

I love it! Another beautiful quilt!


Carol said...

Your nephew is one blessed boy to receive such a loving gift. When we had our firstborn, a friend gave us a quilt she had made for him. We treasure it and always will.

Heart2Heart said...


The best part of this was seeing his adorable face when you handed it to him. Now he can count fish and do his colors with his amazing and beautiful blanket.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat