Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 Column Template

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

I have been working on changing my Blog around working on making it in the layout section under edit HTML. I have managed (though fumbling and tripping all over myself) to successfully make my two column layout into a 3 column layout. I am a Tech Services Project Manager, and I can barely figure this stuff out! Maybe I should start looking for a new career! Ha!

I was able to read through and copy and paste (don't ya just love copy and pasting!) from this website called Blogger Buster so click on the link if you want to change your layout to a 3 column template, but still keep your layout the same. Please let me know also if you have any websites or favorite places where you go to get new templates, backgrounds, and codes. I love kind of muddling through things to learn how to do it myself, guess I am kind of stubborn that way.

So if everyone could honestly look at my page layout and let me know what you would change, what you like, or dislike. If you think I should make my columns less transparent, or make a solid color so the posts are easier to read. I do know that I have to change something because the colors are difficult to read when the background image is so vibrant.

So if there are any pros at this please let me know what I can do to improve the look of my Blog page. I still want to keep some sort of beach motif, just not sure how to put it all together and make it look seamless like some of my friends that I am a member of.

So take a look and honestly let me know what you think!

I promise it won't hurt my feelings!

Hope to hear from you all!


Heart2Heart said...


I know you are in love with the beach idea but perhaps making the center not scroll behind your background, or even eliminate that particular one.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

2Thinks said...

Well, I just lost my comment clicking back and forth between your blog and my commenting here. Okay. What I was saying is: I like the beach scene with water- that's lovely, but I see what you mean about choosing the right text colors, because sometimes on your blog the text goes out to sea, then washes back up on the sand as I scroll down. It is fitting with the theme, though. You don't have many border lines to separate catagories of text, but I don't know if that is more or less helpful to the eye. I remember in third grade, Mrs. Kennedy said, "don't draw fences", she was talking about making boxes around stuff on our homework. I liked to box everything into catagories of some sort.

I don't trust my eyes very much, though, due to my astigmatism and I'm not real artsy. So,what do I really know about blog layouts? Not much. My own blog layout is about 97% accidental.

I've always thought I wanted a three column blog, so I could have more room to put my stuff and organize it better, but the way you described how difficult it was for you to change over from 2 to 3- well, if you can barely do that, I'm sure I probably cannot. I'm always afraid I'll lose my posts or my followers grid or something. That would be tragic. I'm impressed that you were able to figure this out and that you have a button that I can take and put on my blog. Did you make that? I'd like to have one of those. I have a book called HTML for Dummies, but I need a book called HTML for Those Who are Too Impatient to Read Directions.

I'm sure this was no help, but it is a long comment, so may look important to others- at first glance. Maybe noone else will actually read it.

Warren Baldwin said...

Like 2Thinks said, some of the green lettering of the comment section gets lost in the sea.

Loren said...

I love the beach and this scene but the tree gets in the way of the text and I personally had a hard time seeing through the tree :) (sounds funny saying that)

anyway, sorry it was so husband and I have been reading on stuff like this but haven't attempted applying it to my blog yet.....

keep up the good work and let us know what does or doesn't work....

blessings to you

RCUBEs said...

I must have missed what previous commenters have noticed. Right now, it looks great!

It's trial and error and I'm sure this might not be the last time you would want to change it. It took me a long time to find a template I liked but still experiment sometimes. May you find that particular template that you would end up liking so much and that would fit your blog perfectly. Blessings.

christy rose said...

Looks good to me too!

Greg C said...

I like the new layout. I will go to that sight for some help. I paid to have mine done but I would like to try to tackle the next look myself.

Gotta Have Faith said...

Thanks for all of your comments! I was actually working on chaging the face around and adding the transparency around the sidebars while most of you were commenting. It has been challenging but fun once I got into figuring everything out. As you can see I was able to change my template in the layout section from a 2 column to a 3 column whil still being able to keep the same default layout for Blogging.

I went and found a template that had the transparency added to the tamplate and copy the coding into mine. Al I had to do was mess with the color anf fonts.

Thanks for all of your responces!