Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wizard's Teeth!

This post is written to all of us parents that have heard the cutest sayings from our kids throughout the years. This is a time when we just love what our kids say when they think that they know what they are saying, but it just turns out funny. I don't want to our kids to think that we are mocking them, just that we think that they are funny in their own individual way.

On our way down to Huntington Beach yesterday, our daughter overheard my wife and I talking about wisdom teeth and she made a comment that she couldn't wait to have her wizards teeth in. She has a loose tooth that is about to come out, so she is in the process of almost having all of her baby teeth out. She said that the only thing she had left was that her wizards teeth to come in.

If we do have Wizards Teeth, can we go to Hogwarts and practice magic?

(Just thinking out loud)

I also had other comments throughout the years from our children. One time our daughter Caitlyn asked us if Cows were wild?

I guess in some parts of the world they are!

Kailee telling us when we got to the beach that the air smells like burning sand. We could smell the portable barbeques and smoke from the firepits around the beach, but that is what she said it smelled like.

What does burning sand smell like? Glass I guess.

Caitlyn just a few months ago asked us how much a Silver Dollar is worth?

Uhh....... I think it's worth a dollar we replied as the light bulb went off in her head.

So what memories do you remember of your kids saying funny things that just made you laugh.

I would love to hear them!

Have a great day!


Heart2Heart said...


This is such a classic post to capture all those off handed things our kids say and we just sit back, look at each other and wonder if we should correct them, or just sit back and let it marinade.

Yeah, I know, we always correct them gently although Caitlyn's comment about the cows and silver dollar just had to wait until we stopped laughing first.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Laurie said...

What a precious recap of the sweet and humorous things your daughter said. Glad you all got to get away to the beach! Blessings.

Kelly Combs said...

My 5 yr old comments about all the people wearing ZUCCHINI's at the beach. I don't correct her, because I love it. (of course she means bikinis).

RCUBEs said...

This is another fun post brother Steve as you also remember the funny things your children said in their innocent ways. I must say that you and sister Kat are very thoughtful parents in the sense that you pay attention and remember the details, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed by other parents.

When my son was 4yrs.old, his paternal grandpa gave him a $20 gift tucked inside the bday card for him. He went running to a cabinet and tried inserting that dollar bill.

We all asked him, "what are you doing?"

"sit...sit..." was all he said as he inserted it through a tiny slot.

We were all puzzled and tried to figure out what he meant. He obviously wouldn't want the dollar bill to "sit".

Guess he meant, deposit as in deposit the money in the ATM.

Kids are so precious.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Good job at recording those cute things for later years. Believe me, it's gets hard to remember when they're in their teens and twenties. One funny thing that comes to my mind was my youngest asking my mother, "Grandma, why do you have so many cracks in your face?" I know that's not exactly what you were gong for, but that's all I've got at this moment. Nice to meet you!

Andrea said...

sweet memories...

unknown said...

my friend told me a story about her stepsister(who died at the age of 3 three years ago). it goes like this..
one day their uncle was calling and her stepsis answered the phone.
uncle:where's your mom?
stepsis:she's not here, she went out.
uncle: oh. tell your mom to get your chocolates here.
stepsis: MOM! Uncle said that i have chocolates!
(she really did shout while on the phone!! hehe!)
uncle: i thought your mom's not around?
stepsis: no it was brother who's not around, i made a mistake.

can u believe that a 3 year old said that?? it turned out that the kid didnt want her mom to know that her uncle was calling because whenever that uncle calls, the mom leaves the stepsis and my friend alone to go somewhere with that caller.. and the stepsis didnt like that.
sometimes we dont know what the children are capable of understanding and of doing, right?

have a nice weekend!

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Warren Baldwin said...

I kept a notebook of my kids' funny remarks as they were growing up. Sometimes my wife and I open it and just have a belly laugh. Sorry, though, I can't think of any of them right now! wb

Greg C said...

A few years ago we went to Atlanta. Day one we went to a water park. During the day my wife saw a man with so much hair on his back he looked like (as my wife put it), he was smuggling gerbils. Of course she whispered it. The next day we went hiking. As it was a really hot day, we happened to pass a man who had his shirt off. In a very loud voice, my youngest son said "look mom another gerbil smuggler." We almost died.