Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Welcome to another edition of WAW !

Word Association Wednesdays

Hello there!

Here are two more Words for you to give your own definition to.

Please take the time to look at the words below and really think about what definition you would give it.

Here is the first word...

Tingla: Please post your definition on my comments.

Okay here is the second word for the day...

Terfic: Please post your definition on my comments.

Hope you can think of some fun definitions to these words!

Have a great day!


RCUBEs said...

Prof.Steve, "tingla" according to Science, is a new term for tingling of arms and legs caused by laziness.

"Terfic" I think is the body of ocean Arabs are trying to build at Dubai after the world's tallest hotel and those houses that were located on every islands that mirrored the continents of the world.


Greg C said...

These are really easy ones today. Tingla is person who tingles someone else. As in: "That girl over there gives me the tingles.She really is a tingla."

Terfic is a term used when texting. It is short for Truth or Fiction. As in: "My BFF says she is wealthy but I don't know if that is terfic."

Great words today.

2Thinks said...

Like when grandma's talking to her baby grandchild about how to put the correct shaped block through the hole in the wooden cube. "You take dat ting la and put it white heaw, like dat- yes, dare you go."


"you wan go wit gwammy, you wan go to gwammy's houw. Okay. Terfic! Gwammy take you to her houw."

Gotta Have Faith said...

Those are great Defintiions!!! I hope to get more from other people!

Okay I have to participate on this one as well.

My definition of Tingla is, when you have an itch in the back of your throat and the only way you can scratch it is with the back of your tongue That itch is called a Tingla.

Terfic is a classic golfing term when you try to hit the ball out of the rough and you tear a huge chunk of grass that goes flying past your ball. That patch is called a Terfic! As in "Nice shot Harry, the Terfic went farther than your Golf Ball!


Heart2Heart said...


Here are my thoughts for your newly discovered words.

Terfic - adjective. This was the first attempt at Terrific by Charlotte the spider from Charlotte's Web. She realized after she finished that she missed the second R and had to redo the whole thing. Not a happy spider.

Tingla - Verb. This is the official term for when a person wished to make a toast at a wedding or other event and has to strike the side of a toasting glass with a eating utensil to get everyone's attention.

This is a really great idea and I love coming here to participate in it.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Tingla is actually a village in Nepal (Ok the teacher part of me had to research it). They both are funny sounding words, and they sound like how I would describe parts to a tractor to my hubby:) Great blog, I think your wife is the best!!! Blessings,

christy rose said...

tingla is the sound that comes from your throat when you are trying to sing and in the middle of vocalizing the song, you get a tickle in your throat and the only thing that comes out is the sound of a tingling bell.

terfic is the word that you text for describing something that you think is great. ex. r u havin a terfic time?

Kristin said...

"terfic" when you're too lazy to say terrific. You know, it's "terfic". LOL Great idea!!