Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Word Association Wednesday!

Welcome to
Word Association Wednesday!


Welcome to WAW or Word Association Wednesday!

Today we are going to learn the definitions for two new words today students!

So can any of you raise your hand and tell me what these two words are?

Please comment on your definitions so I know who to give class credit for!

Okay here is the first word for the day!

Gensol: Please tell me what the definition is.

Be the first to be called on once you raise hand and get a class bonus!

You get to comment on my Blog!

Okay Great Job Class, everyone is doing so well...

Ready for the next word?

Here it is!

Putyri: Please give me the definition.

What a difficult word to think about huh!

Everyone put on their thinking cap and come up with the best definition!

I will be waiting for you to turn in your definitions so I can grade them.

Class dismissed and have a great day!



I am sorry if I offended any teachers out there as it was not intended to. It just kind of came out this way!

That's just how I roll!


Heart2Heart said...

Hmmm first one:

Gensol: It's a generic version of Pinesol, it smells bland so everyone can use it.

Putyri: Is the foul smell that comes from trees.

How is that Mr. Smith?? OH and yes, I did raise my hand, I just couldn't wait for you to call on me.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

RCUBEs said...

Gensol - gasoline being invented at this time at some secret lab that is part gas, part oil and if successful, will be the awesome fuel for cars. Too bad! It would have worked best with "clunkers" but they're all gone.

Putyri - that's potpourri from China but pulled from the shelves as they also found out it had melamine...

And I almost tried to cut classes. Good thing I came and did not miss this fun lesson!


RCUBEs said...

BTW, sister Kat, I heard they stopped that generic version of Pinesol. The lady who endorses it hurt herself when she landed hard after being suspended from the air. Rumor has it that the producers are trying to get her a putyri, a magic carpet from Persia so she won't fall easily...

christy rose said...

Gensol--the sole of a ingenious specialized shoe made for climbing to the highest mountain made for acquiring the healing herb,
Putyri, that was named for the one who discovered it Putty Richards.

Greg C said...

Well I have to agree with Kat on the first one. That is what I was going to say.

As for Putyri, it is pronounced pute e re, meaning I haven't the foggiest idea how to even bluff on this one. Oh well I tried.

Kelly Combs said...

My sister did a blog post on this exact subject, providing the definitions. You'd probably enjoy it.